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PHOTO: Cameroonian Singer/songwriter Daphne modeling Mareta West’s handmade  red necklace

Hi lovelies! I am very excited about my new series called “STREET @FRICANA” I will be blogging about some of my favorite findings ranging from fashion-jewelry-music-entertainment by fresh, new, up and coming African talents and even by professional African designers and artists to look out for. ‘Everything African” is the theme of “Street @FRICANA” So don’t be surprised to see blogs on arts, and anything that inspires me which is African related.  I am loving some of the  jewelry and accessories that I have been stumbling on lately, especially the one’s made by some very talented Africans designers!!! I have a love for eclectic and African jewelry and mixing them up with my western outfits.


PHOTO: Cameroonian Singer/songwriter Daphne modeling Mareta West’s handmade  red necklace

My first feature showcases the beautiful handmade necklaces made by Fashion designer Reneta Ndisang via her clothing and jewelry line called Mareta West. Reneta runs her clothing and jewelry line from Buea, Cameroon and is worn by many popular Cameroonian singers such as DaphneCiana and even actresses such as Sahndra Fon Dufe to name a few who have been spotted wearing Reneta’s necklaces and clothes and I was lucky to catch up with her and asked her a few questions regarding her jewelry line which I am really loving right now!!  See the interview below:

THJ: When did you start making necklaces and designing clothes and WHY?

Reneta Ndisang: Well I started making necklaces last year for my personal use, but they were not like these one’s (as seen in the picture above with Cameroonian singer Daphne). Instead I used a string to make it. But for these necklaces, as seen on Daphne and currently on my website, I started making them a few months ago. I love beads but I wanted the beads in a different way so I took a piece of cloth, thread  and needle and I made the first necklace which took me 5 days to do .I wore it and decided to go on with it. As for clothes, I remember sketching in my note books the type of dresses I wanted to wear back in secondary school. I did not know I will do fashion,but I was artistic as I could dance, draw, do little comedy growing up and I started getting interested in fashion especially as I love colors as well.

THJ:  What keeps you motivated to continue making them since it is not easy to make these necklaces

Reneta Ndisang: What keeps me motivated is determination. Besides, I know what I want so I am going for it. I have made mistakes before and I don’t want them to repeat itself as I am now focused. Besides, making necklaces is fun and when you start with one you keep having more and more inspiration to do more. It takes time but I love doing it.


Model wearing Renata Ndisang’s handmade necklaces



PHOTO: Cameroonian Singer/songwriter Daphne modeling Mareta West’s handmade necklace 

THJ: What are your future plans for these necklaces? For example, do you plan to on day have your own jewelry line 4) do you have a name for your necklaces?

Reneta Ndisang: I have great plans with both jewelries and clothes. I will just let my future plans come as a surprise to my clients and family. haha… Yes I want to own my own Jewelry line someday.

THJ: Do you have a name for your necklaces?

Reneta Ndisang: Do I really have a name for my necklaces? hmm I don’t know but I name them after each inspiration I get. For example, ‘Riri’, ‘Fri-Blue’, ‘Yellow n Black’ and now I am finishing ‘Island Necklace’.


 Picture courtesy of Mareta West on Facebook: Cameroonian Actress and writer Sahndra Fon Dufe wearing a Mareta West skirt

I can’t wait to order my own necklaces and I will take a picture and post on the blog. So stay tuned for another edition of STREET @FRICANA. Until then I will also be checking out some of her new collections for her clothing line too! Tell me what you think about Mareta West’s handmade necklaces.

For more information on Mareta West go to:

Facebook Page: Mareta West


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