Soooo today is Day 11 of 30 of the 22/30 Workout Challenge that I am currently running right now! I have a group of wonderful ladies and gents who are currently participating in this challenge and who are doing a great job at sticking to the regimen! The last 3 days have been quite difficult for me to go out there and jog or even go to the gym but when I see these participants posting their workouts (and mind you they have just beginners trying to stay consistent with working out regularly and being on a healthier diet to compliment it), it makes me jump out of bed and hit the gym or the local High School track to put in my 45 mins!!

As part of the stay ” Fit-n-Fab“, I will provide you with some tips that I am currently using and have previously used that have worked very well for me. Remember that these are just tips to get you started but only you know how your body works. What works for me may not necessarily work for you but you can use some of my tips as a foundation to get you started and on the right track.  With that said, here are a few helpful tips that I use when I am trying to eat a bit healthier and/or start incorporating exercising into my daily routine to stay active


Weigh yourself and take note of it or measure your body dimensions with a tape measure or you can do something as simple as trying on a pair of jeans, trousers or a dress that might be a bit snug or tight on you. This should be done on day 1 of the challenge and it is only meant to be used as some sort of a measure of how much weight you might have lost or how many inches our have lost but should not be the main measure of progress.

Do not cheat with the workout challenge and be true to yourself as you will not be fooling anyone but yourself. 

Keep a log of the foods you are eating and fluids you are drinking during this time. This will give you a better visual of what you are really putting into your body versus assuming what you ate on a daily basis.

Practice portion control. This is something that does not happen over night but takes getting used to over time. Try reducing your lunch or maybe dinner portions occasionally and split it into two. It is easier to digest foods when eaten in smaller portions over time than eating one large  portion in one go. Remember to enjoy your food and take the time to enjoy the flavors in it by eating slowly.

Cut off the Junk Food and eat more freggies (fruits/veggies)!!  Again this is something that will take some getting used to and will not happen over night. Start by trying to replace one junk food item with a delicious fruit and then replace two junk food items with two fruits or vegetables etc.

You should ensure that you are also watching what you eat and are not indulging in Junk Food such as cookies, cakes, foods with excessive oil and take it easy on the carb intake.  Go to the next page for the 3 most important tips –>

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