PHOTO: Nicole Diabelle one of the Cameroon’s Top Model Contestant in Season One!

Hello everyone! For those of you in Cameroon (and elsewhere) who are into Fashion and the Modeling industry and follow Cameroon TV shows, well I’m sure you have already heard about the 1st edition of Cameroon Top Model which airs on Canal 2! Well we caught up with one of the model contestants – Nicole and we are excited to finally publish this interview we did of her today which is also the day they will be announcing the winner! So read on to see what this up and coming model has been up to!

Thank you for doing this interview with in English even though you speak primarily French! 🙂 As you know, THJ is known for promoting and bringing awareness to the world about Cameroon and Africa by showcasing it’s fashion, lifestyle, culture, travel, entertainment, TV shows and more. We are excited about the most talked about new TV show “Cameroon Top Model” which just started its 1st Season last month in March 2017. So let’s talk about you and your affiliation in Cameroon Top Model as one of the models.

THJ: So how old are you if you don’t mind us asking and where are you from?

Nicole: Hi and thank you first of all for promoting Cameroon’s fashion and also for showing interest about my modeling career. My name is Nicole, but people call me Nick or Nickie. I am 19 years old and I am a child of a Far North village called Salak.

THJ: When did you start modeling and what got you to start it?

Nicole: I started modeling at the age of 16, discovered by the director of Best Model Agency named Lukra Senomo when I was accompanying a friend to a casting. I was really attracted by the profession but afraid about the things I was hearing about and he really persuaded me that I have what it takes to be a model and convince me that this milieu is not as everyone think. That is where everything started. After he trained me for 2 weeks, I decided to stop due to time.

After obtaining my A level, my training mate Ibrahim called me to ask if I am still interested about modeling and if I could come and finish the formation. I really hesitated but after, I decided to continue. Therefore, I restarted my formation with the new Director Manuel Taccini who really taught me the theory and practice parts of modeling and the dynamic of catwalk. That’s when the passion really came alive.

THJ: Very interesting start you had there! Is modeling a full-time job for you or is it a side job or hobby?

Nicole: Modeling is to me a passion and hobby because I am doing it with love when I am not busy in school; but it is also a job because it helps me sometimes financially.

Photo Credit: Provided to The HotJem on behalf of Nicole Diabelle.

THJ: What was your first big gig in the modeling industry?

Nicole: Day by Day I am having exceptional experiences but the most till today was being an Egeria of a fragrance for the year 2016. It was really magical!

THJ: How can you describe your experience so far in the modeling industry in Cameroon and abroad and how did you get into Top Model? 

Nicole: From the beginning of my career till today have faced many things good and less good.  I am very happy for my potential to be recognize by others fashion actors. I participated to the most popular events here and work for famous Cameroonian and foreigner’s stylist like Iman Ayissi, Black Giraffe, Iman Lopez, Marta etc.…and photographers and with renowned photographers here and abroad.  That gave me the insurance to present myself to Cameroon top model casting in which I was brilliantly admitted.

THJ: Top Model Cameroon is the first of its kind so how prepared are you to fact that your life will now be public for all to see and your personal information and privacy will be accessible for everyone who might want to dig up? Are you really ready for this type of life in the limelight?

Nicole: I had already prepared myself to the fact that my participation to this TV Show will influence my life and make it turn into public. I have already built a certain mindset in which I stay confident and I will not mix my professional life with the private one. I will like to share each of my experiences with my fans because they are now my step family

THJ: If you win or not, do you think being a contestant on Top Model Cameroon will help your modeling career? Yes, No and why?

Nicole: Being a contestant in CTM for me is already a victory. Infact, being chosen among thousands of candidates proves that I have what it takes to be a top model. Therefore, it will be huge achievement to win this contest because it will open more doors for me in modeling.  If not, I would not demerit; I will still keep the best and progress.

Photo Credit: Photo provided to The HotJem on behalf of Nicole Diabelle.

THJ: Why should you win as the next Top Model? What additional skills or advantages do you have for the judges to want to choose you to win this competition and not the other models?

Nicole:  A top Model is not just limited to a good external appearance even though it’s the main thing, but she should have high moral standards and be an example to others. I have a background in modeling and I am always open to learn more. I am determined in what I do – hardworking and fair play. In fact, I have physical, professional, social, intellectual aptitude to win the competition and I am the youngest of the group.

THJ: I love your attitude about winning or not! It will take you far. Now that you are a contestant on Top Model, are you ever faced with any sort of fright, doubt or second-guessing before going on stage in front of the judges, or are you able to just hop on a runway anytime, anywhere as second nature or without any thought?

Nicole: When I am on stage, it’s like I’m alone in my room and I am giving my best, like you are singing in your bathroom when you are bathing. I’m not afraid of anything, always confident, positive and ready to impress!

THJ: Everyone knows that going before a jury for a competition of this magnitude is top class, so which criteria have you foreseen the jury pinpointing on such that you are prepared ahead of time and are in your game for the other competitors?

Nicole: What the jury liked about me was my physical aspect (body, face shape) and my smile. They also appreciated my simplicity and my naturalness.

THJ: Most models are very slim or skinny. What do you do to maintain your shape and what do you do to relax during your leisure time?

Nicole: I have to say that I have a natural slim body, but to keep it healthy I practice sports about 1 or 2 times per week. I also eat fresh and natural products such as natural juice, vegetables, and fruits and make sure to drink much water.

Photo Credit: Photo provided to The HotJem on behalf of Nicole Diabelle.

THJ: If you weren’t a model, what would you be doing or want to do?

Nicole: If I was not a model I would have been only concentrating on my other project. I am interested about Policy and humanitarian action. I also have a passion for Human Resources.

THJ: What are the different designers and fabrics you look forward to showcase during Cameroon Top Model?

Nicole: I will like to showcase in International Fashion Weeks and luxury brands such as Balmain, Chanel, Harper Bazaar and many others.

THJ: How do you plan to use your newly found fame after the show is over even if you win or not?

Nicole: I will use my fame in profit of caritative action in favor of young girls/children, their reorientation out of social vices and represent my country all over the world to prove that there are talents/profiles in Cameroon.

THJ: What advice can you tell aspiring models to look forward to in your line of work given that there are lots of girls with a passion in your field but not many will make it to being on a show like Top Model?

Nicole: The advice I can provide is to believe in your dream and ask yourself if you are made for or not. You must take care of yourself, work hard and never give up. Keep positivity in mind and forge a good character. The last one is for young girls and boys like me, they should not just focus on modeling but continue studying because school is very important for our future and the future of our children, our Nation.

THJ: For someone who is only 19 years old, you have a mature way of thinking and have a positive attitdude which will be your best asset as you move on up! Nicole Thank you for doing this interview and we wish you the best of luck during the 1st season of Top Model Cameroon !

Nicole: Thank you too. It was an honour !

Photo Credit: Photo provided to The HotJem on behalf of Nicole Diabelle.

There you go! Tonight they will be announcing the winner of the 1st ever Cameroon Top Model and we wish Nicole the best of Luck! You can follow Nicole’s daily activities on her Instagram  page.

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