1. Always believe in yourself and be in the mind set that you are the greatest in everything you do. Muhammad Ali made no apologies when he called himself the greatest ever. He has been quoted many times saying how great he was. Even if he did not believe in his words, we would never have known from his larger than life persona and from the impression he gave to the public. Was Muhammad Ali ever insecure? Probably more so than we could ever imagine. Afterall he is human. But when you set your mind to something, believe in it, live it and breathe it, then you become IT. Muhammad Ali lived and breathed greatness! Thats for sure.Muhammad Ali Quote

2. Be the best you can be in anything you do. Find ways to perfect yourself and your knowledge in your area of interest or expertise. If you cannot leap into something you want to be or do, then take baby steps towards your goal(s) as each step gets you closer to your goal. Remember – Rome was not built in a day! So never take your eyes away from the prize and practice until you are an expert in it. Muhammad Ali was known for practicing like a beast. He started boxing at the young age of 12 or so and was unstoppable after that.  He practiced and practiced until he was ready to make himself known to the world and the rest is history.


3. Our mind is our most powerful asset. How we think is what determines how we will succeed or cope in any given situation. Ali was a three time heavy weight champion who retired from boxing which he loved so much. Three years later, he was diagonosed with Parkinson’s disease which is a disorder of the central nervous system that affects movement, often including tremors. This affected Ali’s physical abilities over timeand made him a not so strong man physically over the years. Imagine a man who was once a heavy weight champion in boxing who stood tall and strong only to eventually loose these physical attributes that made him an international name. But did that stop the champ? NO. His Parkinson’s actually gave him more reason to live and do humanitarian causes, engaged with the youths and pop culture alot more which solidified his title as “The Greatest” and turned him into a legend.

So the moral of the story is that you might be at your peak today and then tomorrow your life could dramatically change into what you did not expect or want and might be beyond your control like loosing a business or not having good sales in your business anymore or loosing your #1 position. Be prepared for challenges as they will come. But don’t let that deter you from bouncing back! Make the best out of life!

Afterall, if life gives you lemons, make the most delicious lemonade ever!

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