PHOTO: Rihanna at the launching of her new cosmetic line “Fenty Beauty” at Sephora in NYC. Photo credit: Rihanna’s Instagram page.

Rihanna finally launched her new cosmetic line cosmetic Fenty Beauty yesterday on September 8th, 2017 making her the second celebrity to launch a highly anticipated cosmetic brand in 2017. We saw Kim Kardashian launch her KKW beauty a few months ago. However, we feel there is way more buzz around Fenty Beauty from all angles… black and white people are talking about it like crazy. Here are 3 reasons why Rihanna’s fans are going goo goo for Fenty….

PHOTO: Lipsticks by Fenty Beauty. Photo credit: Rihanna’s Instagram page.

1) The main color tones used for the packaging so far are subtle and easy on the eye. This is contrary to what many might have expected from the star as Riri is known for for the most part for being flashy, flamboyant and very versatile. It’s hard to not like the softness and feminity of the lipglosses and lipsticks.

PHOTO: 40 shades of Foundations by Fenty Beauty.

2) We are gagging over the 40 shades of foundations that she launched all in one day!! Now tell me that RiRi and her team are not smart? I was honestly holding my breath expecting to see mostly lighter shades and be told that “more darker shades” will eventually be available. So it was such a pleasant surprise to see the different color tones for white to light complexions and very dark complexions! I can say from the photo’s that very dark skinned sista’s can now join in on the Fenty Beauty phenomena! Trust me when I say that this is a BIG deal for black women!!!!

PHOTO: Photo’s of women representing the 40 different skin tones that Fenty Beauty makes foundation for.

3) In point 2 above, we pointed out that Fenty Beauty comes in 40 shades for foundation. Which techinically makes it something like a United Nations of the cosmetic world! Did we just say United Nations?? 😂 OK but on a serious note though, beauty is a never ending topic that we have to deal with on a daily basis. With millions of youths and people feeling insecure about how they look and millions of them looking up to celebrities like Rihanna, it is very important for celebs who launch these products to be role models and not let any one skin tone feel left out and we think Riri nailed it by addressing this issue! Now seemingly every women with almost every skin color can enjoy Fenty Beauty and we know it will outdo Kim Kardashians beauty line hands down as right now Kim’s beauty doesnt appeal to dark skinned sista’s so you’ve lost the darkies there Kimmy girl! We can’t talk wait to get our hands on #FentyBeauty and do our own review of it for you lovely people!

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  1. I Rep Camer

    September 12, 2017 at 12:31 pm

    40 shades of Foundation..Yes!! The cosmetics industry is booming..and Riri is riding the wave!The hustle is real oh 😉

    • The HotJem

      September 12, 2017 at 6:48 pm

      The hustle is really real I Rep Camer!

  2. Lelio Achanga

    September 11, 2017 at 5:16 am

    Yesss Yess and yess…to this post!! Love when she said “every woman deserves to feel beautiful and included.” And she just walked the talk with the 40 shade range of foundation. Now that’s what feeling inclusive is all about!!! Can’t wait to lay my hands on #fentybeauty

    • The Editor

      September 11, 2017 at 9:04 pm

      Yes girl we are super excited about Fenty Beauty as well. She considered every shade unlike many others. To tell you how much it was highly anticipated, Kim Kardashian who launched hers 3 months before, her beauty line today was only at 800K+ on Instagram (not much for someone who has 100 million followers). However, Fenty Beauty was launched three days ago and she was already at 900K+ on Instagram. Go figure…

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